Passion Brings Football to the Community

It is rare to find the point where passion meets the desire to give back to one’s community. Tyler Anderson’s History of Whatcom County Highschool Football Facebook page is exactly that combination. Anderson is a big sports fan. He enjoys the competition, the athleticism, and the history but what he loves the most is what sports create. Stats! The History of Whatcom County Football was created because of that love. Anderson not only wanted the current stats available but the stats going back as far as possible. Those stats were not compiled in any one place, so Anderson went to work creating a database like no other. This Herculean task required countless hours looking through old newspapers on microfiche and reviewing old game footage. The process has been years in the making and began simply as a passion project.

As Anderson’s stats compiled and his archive of game footage grew, he decided it was time to share. He created the Facebook page in April of 2013 and began sharing.  In February of 2018 he created in response to the Bellingham Herald no longer covering high school sports. What began as a fun thing for Whatcom County football fans has turned into the go to place for football statistics. People go to his page in droves to find stats and see footage of local athletes living out their glory days.

When Covid-19 prevented a fall football season Anderson took his contribution to local high school football to the next level. No football season, was just something he would not accept. He went to work creating every single eleven-man Whatcom County High School football team with his PlayStation 3 using NCAA 2014. When I mean he created the teams he created approximately 330 players and a schedule so that the games can be played virtually. The games will be able to be viewed in their entirety and these high schoolers who have had so much taken away from them will get the opportunity to see their season play out. Games will air nightly at 7:00pm PST from 9/21/20 through 11/20/20 and can be found on the Facebook page.

The takeaway from this is just how incredible passion can be, and what good it can do. People are often passionate about things and they may spend some time doing them but very few really go for it. Anderson has shown what can be created by following one’s passion. The joy it can bring both himself and those around him. He has brought people together for years and now when it is needed more than ever his passion is bursting at the seams.

Take note of this in your life and see if by really going after your passions you can not only improve your life but the lives of those around you as well. There is no doubt that others share your passion so don’t hold back. Use what Anderson has done as inspiration to achieve your great thing!

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