Lessons Learned: The World’s Greatest Backyard Games

The World’s Greatest Backyard Games, by Mathew Grear

Sometimes in life you meet people that have made the choice to go for it. They have a passion or something they want to accomplish, and they put their mind towards reaching that goal. Matt Grear, author of The World’s Greatest Backyard Games is one of those people. 

A little over a year ago I started the Instagram account Yard Game Nation. At the time it was nothing more than a fun way to share pictures of my large collection of yard games. Since starting the account I have discovered this whole yard game community I never knew existed and have probably doubled the number of yard games I own. Matt is a part of this community and goes by Yard Games World. Matt has a love for yard games just like I do and does an incredible job sharing his passion with the world. He has done this through Instagram and now by publishing a book about yard games. 

Watching him share his passion is inspiring and a great reminder that when you want something go for it. He didn’t sit around talking about how he should write a book he went out and did it. Not only has he published this book, which is now for sale, he recently set a Guinness World Record for longest Cornhole air mail. As his reach grows through his hard work, he is able to further his mission of sharing the joy of yard games with people and encouraging them to get there and have fun with family and friends. 

Use Matt’s story as inspiration to not let anything hold you go back from going after those hair-brain ideas that sit there in the corner of your brain waiting to be released or at the very least to get out there and play. To learn more about Matt check him out on Instagram @yardgamesworld. You can purchase a copy of The World’s Greatest Backyard Games on his website www.yardgamesworld.com

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