Happy Halloween!

I have always loved Halloween. It was a night where it seemed rules were suspended. As a kid, I was able to run around neighborhoods to all hours of the night, taking candy from strangers while wearing anything I wanted. In my teen years, I continued to feel like rules were suspended until one night, a friendly sheriff advised me that there were still some rules that must be followed. In college, Halloween was an absolute blast, and I will leave the description at that. Once I became a parent, I once again continued the tradition of suspending rules for this holiday. My daughter stays up late on school nights and gets to eat way more candy than is typically allowed.

In a world where masks are now the norm, it will be refreshing to once again see masks worn for fun. For one night, it will be nice to have the rules feel suspended and to watch kids being kids. My daughter will be staying up late with her friends on a school night overeating candy, and I will be trying to steal my favorites.

In a world that has seemed so serious of late, I say we let this night, where imaginations run wild, remind us of how great life is. It’s filled with costumes and candy. Strangers laughing together as they complement each other’s costumes, and adults looking just as foolish as the kids. Getting sick for no other reason than eating too much candy and dentists picking out their new sports cars as we all rot our teeth.

I hope you all have a great night! I look forward to seeing everyone’s costumes on social media. Happy Halloween!

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