Building Bellingham in a Whole New Way

Tony Moceri and Leo Cohen in the Building Bellingham Podcast Studio

The name Moceri has been tied to building in Bellingham and Whatcom County since 1974 because of Moceri Construction, but recently I had the opportunity to be a part of building Bellingham in a much different way. The Building Bellingham Podcast put together by Leo Cohen of the Cohen Group NW and his awesome team is a podcast dedicated to interviewing businesspeople in Whatcom County. What started as a way for Leo to learn and meet impactful people in the community has grown into a great platform for locals to tell their stories. 

Leo and I had been talking for over a year about having me on to talk about my various entrepreneurial endeavors, and it finally happened. I had been on a couple of podcasts before, but they were always recorded over the phone or computer. This one was going to be in person and videoed, with two other people in the room, Tiffany Holden and Cooper Hansley, who are the team behind the scenes that put the podcast together. They were also in the room to keep Leo and me on track in an attempt to hold us to somewhat of a schedule. Tiffany did have to tell us we were out of time. 

Leo and I have kicked it in the past, and having a good flowing conversation was no problem, but I wasn’t sure what it would be like with mics in our face. While I did know we were going to discuss a bit about life by design, that was it. He didn’t send me any questions beforehand like on other podcasts I was on. 

I haven’t heard the podcast as I am writing this, but I felt like it went well. The conversation was relaxed, and I thought my answers were less awkward, having not had them to think about beforehand. Having listened to the podcast, I knew their production level was high and that Leo is a great interviewer, so it was on me if it didn’t go well. So, fingers crossed that it went well and that you all like it. I was flattered to be on, not just because it meant someone wanted to listen to me, but because of the impressive list of people who had been on before. 

Please take a listen and let me know what you think. Hopefully, I share something you find valuable. If not, maybe you will at least have as much fun listening as Leo, and I had recording it. 

You can find the Building Bellingham Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, but here are some options.

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