My Easter egg Hunt

My Reward

Easter is in the rearview mirror and today I went out and did some weed eating I should have done before we hosted, but the weather and me not wanting to got in the way. I did mow so I wasn’t a total slacker. With Lindsey and I hosting I was in charge of the scavenger/Easter egg hunt. Lindsey stuffed a bunch of eggs as did both grandmas, Lindsey’s sister, and some friends of ours that came. I didn’t count, but there were a lot of eggs for three young ladies to find. I was sure that they would lose interest and there would be eggs all over but these three were determined/motivated by candy.

After the hunt, I wandered around and pointed out a few they had missed but after that was convinced, they had found them all, even the ones I had thrown out into the cow field. Well, I and they, were both wrong. Today while wandering around knocking down grass and listening to the SmartLess podcast, very funny by the way, I found I was on my own easter egg hunt. When you combine my poor memory with my brother having hid half of the eggs there was no way I could remember where they all were so after finding the first one the hunt was on!

Quickly my focus changed from diligently making my yard presentable, to looking for colorful eggs. I even found a grey one with a cat face on it filled with a Snickers, thanks Alicia! As I meandered around the yard dodging some spring raindrops while still enjoying the sun, I found a large one filled with some bunny chocolates, a couple crunchy Reese’s peanut butter cups, and my favorite, a Kit Kat. I prefer king size but a mini hit the spot while wondering the yard.

I don’t necessarily mind weed eating, but it is normally on the mundane side of life. Today was different though. The task was gamified which made it fun, and the candy didn’t hurt, although the candy itself wouldn’t be enough of a draw. I easily could go raid Harper’s basket because she isn’t home right now.

I think this is something we could do much more of in life. There is no reason that mundane tasks need to be boring. Why not come up with ways to make them fun? As you think about what’s next on your chore list or even what your next workday will bring, consider what you can do to make it fun. Life is too short to go through it bord. I am going to try my darndest to do this and when I come up with ideas I’ll share them. I need to go now in case I missed any more candy in my yard. If not, I’m going to go steal Harper’s before she gets home.

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