A Thoughtful Child

Most of us are so wrapped up in our own world that it’s challenging to step outside our brains and think about someone else. Our days are filled with trying to get everything done and caring for those in our immediate circle. As a result, we rarely have the mental space to think about someone outside that circle, let alone do anything about it. That is why I was so blown away when I received a gift from our friends’ child. He is a 3rd-grade boy and one of the most thoughtful people I have ever encountered.

His classroom recently got a 3-D printer, and he had the opportunity to make a few things. One could expect a kid to make something for themselves, possibly their parents, maybe a friend, and on a good day, a sibling. I would not expect a kid, or anyone really, to think outside their circle to make something for their parent’s friend.

He had been at my house when the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals to go to the Super Bowl, and he saw how excited I was. Cleary understanding how much it would mean to me, he chose to make the above sign for me to hang up in my game room. When he gave it to me, I was stunned by the thoughtfulness that this represented. I could not believe that he would think of me at that moment and then go through the effort to make and give me something.

This experience made me think of a few things. One, we need to give kids more credit. They are aware of what’s happening around them and can be kind and generous. We really should pay more attention to what they think and say. They have a different wisdom than adults because they haven’t been jaded by a life of experiences. Two, it wouldn’t hurt if we were all more thoughtful. Yeah, we all have a lot going on, but it’s incredible the impact that a small gesture can make. Putting a little effort into making someone’s day can do so much. So take the time to occasionally step out of your normal sphere and do something unexpected for someone else. If a 3rd grader can pull it off, we should all be able to follow his example.

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